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Diversified Technique

At Nedd Chiropractic & Wellness Center, Dr. Stephen Nedd uses the most common chiropractic adjusting technique called “Diversified.” This gentle, hands-on approach is used to treat spinal and extremity misalignments called subluxations, which are minor joint misalignments that can result in major problems including joint pain, muscle tension, tightness, nerve interference, abnormal reflexes, and many other uncomfortable health conditions.

A typical joint includes two bones that rotate on each other with cartilage between them to act as a buffer and for shock absorption, joint fluid for lubrication, ligaments for stabilization, muscle for stabilization and joint movement, and gas to form a tight vacuum seal.

Subluxations of the spine or extremities can be found by checking joint motion, pinpoint tenderness of the joint, surrounding muscle tension, and muscle testing of the exact joint.

Once found, a misaligned or subluxated joint is adjusted manually using the precise amount of speed, force, depth, and direction to deliver a gentle thrust that may or may not produce a slight audible “popping” sound. This sound is not bones “cracking,” but rather the release of built-up pressurized gas in the joint which is released while the joint is realigned or decompressed.

Adjustments realign spinal and extremity joints, reset abnormal joint reflexes, reduce joint muscle tension, and potentially remove nerve interference.

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