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Our Patients’ Success Stories

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Accident Injuries

“I came in to see Dr. Nedd after being rear-ended in my car. As a Veterinary Surgeon I need to be able to stand for 12+ hours, bend over exam and surgery tables for extended periods and lift heavy objects and animals. With the whiplash I endured, my cervical and mid-back pain prevented me from working comfortably and reduced my ability to enjoy my favorite hobbies (running and horseback riding).

With Dr. Nedd’s adjustments and advice on stretching and strengthening exercises I was able to return to full function. I no longer suffer from sharp spinal pain and weakness. Dr. Nedd took a comprehensive approach to my treatment and recovery and I feel better than ever. Thanks, Dr. Nedd! “:)


“When my baby and I came here we were in a lot of pain from a car accident. Head, neck, upper back pain with horrible headaches everyday. Within a few months of being adjusted we are now back to pre-accident state. Totally awesome and would recommend this office for as long as it’s open!”


“Since my accident 3 years ago I have seen many doctors with little success. Remembering that Dr Nedd was the only one I could trust to work on my neck and use acupuncture effectively, I began seeing Dr Steve again. For the first time in 3 years I am now moving my neck pain FREE. It’s worth driving from Fort Myers to get results. If you want to see a good doctor who is more interested in how much he can help you than charge you…. Go see Dr Nedd, you’ll be glad you did.”


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Sports Injuries

“I came to Dr. Nedd after I had just finished the World Championship Ironman in Kona.

My back had gone out between the shoulders before the race and thankfully it did not both me the 16 hrs it took me to do the race, but after that I could not sleep well and it hurt at night and at times during the day.

I had never had my back go out to where it would not go back in.

I saw Dr. Nedd 4 times and he fixed me so I had no pain and was able to resume my swim, bike and run training and that was 2 1/2 months ago and I have been fine ever since!”


“When I first arrived my ankle was destroyed. Walking would feel uncomfortable, running would cause pain, and jumping was the hardest thing thing to do without a shooting pain in my ankle. Dr. Nedd has been able to help the recovery process and now I’m able to play basketball and run without any pain or second guessing the way I step. My ankle feels stronger than it did before.”


“While playing softball a collision on the base paths caused an injury to my left shoulder where I was not able to lift my arm at all.

After getting x-rays and an MRI, it was diagnosed that I had just torn some muscles, no broken bones or structural damage.

Dr. Nedd started me on Cold Laser Therapy and within 4 weeks I was back on the field. Thank you Dr. Nedd!”


“I came in with an injury to my right shoulder. I could barely lift my arm, but after the first visit Dr. Nedd had restored some movement. After three weeks I was able to be back playing soccer with no pain.”

Thank you Dr. Nedd and staff.


“I own The Next Level Training Center in Tampa and come across many different injuries and ailments. I have been working closely with Nedd Chiropractic & Wellness Center to keep my clients at their best. Whether it is athletic strain limiting performance, or rehab clients with ongoing issues, I know that they will resolve the physical problems and limitations quickly. Dr. Nedd is truly committed to helping his patients, and finding permanent solutions. I know this as a patient, and for the many clients I have sent to Nedd Health Center.”


“I have been seeing Dr. Nedd for 3 years. As an athlete, I have had a few bumps & bruises including knee surgery. Dr. Nedd has handled each condition with care. He has helped speed my recovery in each instance. His knowledge of the body & what needs to be done to handle it is spot on. I would recommend Dr. Nedd for any Chiropractic Care.”


“Prior to ever visiting Dr. Nedd, I had some back pain that plagued me while bending over or driving for long periods. As an 18 year old, this was a little worrying, (and) after a few visits with Dr. Nedd, my back was handled and has stayed handled.”

I play soccer, and hurt the inside of my ankle while shooting. The injury was rather severe and has never fully healed for the last 2 years. Through cold laser therapy Dr. Nedd was able to remove the swelling in my ankle and has handled the injury for good. I now have no reason to worry about my ankle while playing!”


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Pain Syndromes

“WOW it was fast.

I came in with Bells Palsy and my M.D. said it could take 6 weeks+ to handle.

Well, Dr. Nedd put me on laser + acupuncture.

As the flows in my body woke up + re-balanced control of my face came back in control.

Now, 3 weeks later I am 98% back to normal! Success!”


“I came to see Dr. Nedd with a severe pain in the neck and arm, I was unable to move the arm or the neck.

I was visiting a regular Dr. before and the medicine he gave me did not help me.

In the first visit, Dr. Nedd not only reduced the pain but also gave me a very accurate diagnosis and treatment.

Today I do not have any pain and I can move the neck and the arm normally.

I want to emphasize also the respect Dr. Nedd showed for my feelings and opinions about my physical situation.

I would strongly recommend Dr. Nedd’s services to anyone.”


“Before I came to Dr. Nedd’s I had the worst migraines ever. It almost destroyed my life. I could not play outside because of the horrible migraines. First I was blind then the headache. But now I feel like a kid again. They helped me, saved me. Thank you!”


“Dr. Nedd fixed a back injury I had for nearly a year that other chiropractors COULDN’T FIX! He did it quickly and inexpensively! Thank you!”


“I was virtually incapacitated after locking my lower back up. After the first few treatments I noticed an improvement. The right approach was taken by the doctor and as a result I’m walking totally okay and back at work one week later.

This looked undoable at the start. Thank you for your care.”


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Cold Laser Therapy

I started coming to Dr. Nedd for cold laser therapy in hopes of helping my other therapies in treating a disc extrusion. I have been progressing in my recovery and so far have avoided surgery and living on pain medications.”


I came to Dr. Nedd hobbling with muscle strain in my right leg. He did Cold Laser Treatments and after the first treatment I was walking normally and 95% pain free. Wow! I had hobbled for two months. Thanks to a friend, I found out about Dr. and Cold Laser.”


I want to highly commend and thank (Dr.) Steve for the incredible, over-the-top assistance he has rendered since I broke my heel on 3 July 2008. He came, on his “free time” to the hospital shortly after I had received foot surgery and worked on my ankle for about an hour, and even came out to the house each evening for about two weeks to give further laser treatments. His care has definitely speeded the healing process and decreased the expected recovery time, thus allowing me to return to my post of auditor that much sooner. It should be noted that the doctor treating my foot has recognized the increased speed of healing and commented on it. So (Dr.) Steve – THANKS!”


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“When our dog lost use of his rear legs in February (2023), we Googled “chiropractic care for dogs.” And we found Dr. Nedd. His reviews told us that he was our guy! And he was. After just a few treatments, our boy was walking again. These treatments are/were not only effective, but saved us thousands of dollars by not putting our fur baby through a battery of tests and ultimately surgery (with no guarantee of a successful outcome!) We would 100% recommend Dr. Nedd. And Ziggy says two paws up!!  Thank you Dr. Nedd for giving us a healthy, happy member of our family back. We are and will be forever grateful for your kindness and caring service. 


“We brought our chihuahua “Jose” to Nedd Chiropractic on Aug 9th (2021). Jose suffered from a spinal stroke. He was left paralyzed on his left side. Dr. Nedd treated Jose with laser and special chiropractic tools. Every week he showed huge improvements. First he learned to flip over. Second session he started to move his limbs on his own. With therapy and rehabilitation Jose was on the road to recovery. Session after session he would do different things. After his 6th session he started to stand and now he finally walks again. He runs in the yard and can stand on his own to use the bathroom and eat. Took a total of 9 sessions but my boy is walking again that was the goal. I cannot express how grateful my family is to have Jose be himself again. He still needs therapy but the worst part is over. I highly recommend Dr. Nedd for any help with your fur babies. Gave us so much hope and its the best decision we ever made. Thank you Dr. Nedd!


“I had given up all hope when my dog child name Pearl who is a 12 lb Chihuahua when I found Dr. Nedd’s practice. Pearl had developed neurological issues and was suffering from paralysis on her right side, she couldn’t stand up on her own let alone walk and the conventional veterinarians’ cost was out of my reach for her surgeries. Thanks to Dr. Nedd and his methods & techniques Pearl is now back to her favorite pastime of chasing squirrels, she never catches them I think she likes to know how fast they are or how fast she is. Dr. Nedd definitely saved her life and I can’t thank him enough.


“The service at the office is THE BEST! Dr. Nedd stayed late in the evening to ensure that my issues had been thoroughly explored, and I am feeling better already. I look forward to each visit because I know that there will be physical relief as well as an educated consultation on how I can be in better communication with my body so that it functions at its optimum!”


My Chihuahua-Terrier mix was treated by Dr. Nedd. Yes my dog was treated by Dr. Nedd. When “Roofka” first saw Dr. Nedd he had been diagnosed as having (2) pinched nerves and a recent stroke. I was sure he was going to die. He couldn’t walk. He tried but his front right leg was locked forward and he couldn’t seem to get it on the floor when he tried to walk. Following the first adjustment and laser treatment he became more steady on his feet. By his fourth visit he was walking normally. Now two months later he is still improving but for a 15 year old dog he is doing great. Today he chased a cat!

I’m so grateful to Nedd Chiropractic for giving me some more quality time with my little “Roofka.”


“I just wanted to take a moment to thank you for all of the help and pain relief that you provided me during the last trimester of my pregnancy. When I came to your office in late May, I had a terrible limp and was really not enjoying being pregnant. I couldn’t walk without people commenting “you’re waddling.” The adjustments and prescribed exercises turned everything around. Within a couple of weeks I was able to resume my gym schedule, go for 3 mile walks, and just enjoy the anticipation and excitement of the arrival of my first baby!

In addition, your services allowed me to avoid a medical induction of labor. I was scheduled for an induction on Tuesday, September 2nd. On Friday, August 29th I received acupuncture from you, Dr. Nedd, and my contractions began on Sunday, August 31st! Unfortunately, my daughter was in no hurry to make her debut. She was born on Tuesday, September 2nd at 11:04 PM. Yep, it was about 48 hours after the contractions began. The wonderful thing, though, was that once she made her decent I only had to push about 10 times and she was out. I guess all of the pelvic adjustments paid off too :). Once again, thank you for all of your services in assisting me in having a happy and healthy birth experience.”


“I had been dizzy for the last 3-4 weeks when I would lie down or sit up. I came to Dr. Nedd and we discovered I had vertigo, with a high level of fluid in both ears.

He adjusted two cervical vertebrae related to ear aches and problems, then adjusted the ear and did a technique to release pressure from the ears. This alone caused the right ear to go down in fluid levels.

Finally, he did an interesting technique to release the built up fluid through the Eustachian tube. It worked and the fluid released and I felt it come out. My levels went back to normal & I feel great!”


“Since I started coming to Nedd Chiropractic in October 2013 I’ve had amazing results. Not only do I feel much better, but my vitals prove it. I’m only on two medications now as opposed to the twenty one I was on before. I no longer need blood pressure medicine because my blood pressure is 93/71. Previously it was as high as 163/120 and I was on medication!

Previously I hurt so bad I was almost an invalid and really had no desire to even live because of the pain. My gallbladder was causing me to vomit every day, sometimes all night. Then the doctor changed my life. I’ve lost a lot of weight and no more vomiting. Ask about it if you want the details. All I know is that I will always be grateful to the doctors at Nedd Chiropractic for changing my life.”


“(Dr.) Stephen has been great! I’m a deaf individual & he managed to communicate and goes beyond to be sure I understand what I need to do with my back. Being a Scuba Instructor, I need a great back. (Dr.) Stephen has made it happen!”


“As a brand new patient, I am impressed with your kindness toward me and your patients.

I for one have been very happy and satisfied of my treatments. Your desire to see all your patients healed and healthy is remarkable. You absolutely go the extra mile.

I was also impressed with the large variety of equipment you use to see to it that your patients get the very best of service during their healing process.

Your wanting my best in the healing of my injuries will bring you many blessings. And I’m sure there will be other rewards I’ll know nothing about. You deserve it.”


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