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Nutritional Counseling in Clearwater

What are Dr. Nedd’s qualifications?

Dr. Nedd has spent thousands of hours studying nutrition through independent study and postgraduate seminars from the perspective of assessing deficiencies and imbalances as well as designing individualized programs depending on each patient’s needs.

His formal training started in college where he was able to become certified in Applied Kinesiology through the International College of Applied Kinesiology. He also finished his certification course in Acupuncture while attending Logan College of Chiropractic. He also attended a nutritional seminar series with kinesiology and nutrition expert Dr. Walter Schmitt.

Dr. Nedd has attended many postgraduate seminars on nutrition since 1990 creating a wealth of knowledge and foundation for his clinical nutrition procedures. He has attended seminars with the greatest nutritional minds of our time including Dr. George Goodheart (also known as the founder of Applied Kinesiology), Dr. Bernard Jensen (also known as the “Father of American Iridology”), Dr. Jeffrey Bland (also known as the “Father of Functional Medicine”), Dr. Dick Versendaal (the founder of Contact Reflex Analysis), and Dr. John Brimhall (also known as the “Father of Wellness” in chiropractic).

Dr. Nedd became certified in live blood microscopy and terrain analysis (urine and saliva as well as blood) through his training with Biomedx as well as Dr. Robert Rakowski. He doesn’t currently utilize a microscope in practice but applies the nutritional information that he gleaned from this training along with the pH testing and interpretation that was taught in these courses.

Dr. Nedd has received Functional Medicine training in which he can order and interpret lab work, perform an in-office body composition analysis utilizing a sophisticated Bio-Impedance Analyzer, and interpret nutritional questionnaires resulting in individualized nutritional programs based on normalizing test values instead of treating disease and symptoms.

Examples of this type of training include becoming a First-Line Therapy Healthcare Provider through Metagenics, attending numerous seminars by Dr. Jeffrey Bland who is the “Father of Functional Medicine” and co-founder of the Institute for Functional Medicine, and attending the seminar on Essential Lab Tests For Every Practice by Dr. David Hogsed via Standard Process.

Nutritional Counseling, Clinical Nutrition Methods Utilized

 1. Patient History and Examination

Dr. Nedd likens himself to Sherlock Holmes in that his patients offer clues to what ails them and it is his job to use them wisely to crack their case and give them workable solutions. Most patients already know what is exactly wrong with them and it just takes a good listener to acknowledge their concerns.

Starting with the first consultation and history taking along with conducting an examination, Dr. Nedd will determine if enough information is available to make an accurate diagnosis of what precisely needs handling. If more data is needed then the following additional methods may be employed.

2. Questionnaires

In addition to the standard New Patient Intake Form, other questionnaires may be recommended to obtain more information in pinpointing what needs handling.

For example, a Medical Symptom Questionnaire along with the toxicity questionnaire called the Xenobiotic Tolerance Test may be given to you.

A more comprehensive nutritional questionnaire that may be recommended is the Metabolic Assessment Form™. If the doctor suspects that you may have the systemic yeast infection called Candida Albicans, then he may have you fill out the Candida Questionnaire.

3. Muscle Testing

Muscle testing involves contacting reflex points on the outside of the body to assess the condition of organs and systems on the inside of the body. Most of these points are actually acupuncture points that are located in close proximity to the organ or system that they are named after.

If any of these points create a muscle weakness in a strong muscle that is being tested, normally an arm muscle, then it indicates there is a weakness or imbalance associated with this body organ or system that needs addressing. Nutritional supplements, many of which can only be purchased from a health professional, are then chosen and tested to determine which one(s) neutralize the weakness along with the specific doses needed for each.

Muscle testing is not an exact science and results absolutely vary from one practitioner to the next. Dr. Nedd has honed his skill as an expert muscle tester through his certifications in Applied Kinesiology, Touch For Health I-IV, Touch For Health Instructor certification, and 25+ years of clinical practice.

4. Objective Testing

There are a number of nutrition-related objective tests that can be performed in our office including blood pressure, postural blood pressure, temperature, and body composition using a bio-impedance analyzer. Postural blood pressure, also known as Ragland’s Test, is an excellent test for adrenal gland function. The Bio-Impedance analyzer measures an individual’s body composition (fat, non-fat tissue, water), metabolism (BMR = basal metabolic rate), total water and water distribution inside and outside the cells which is an accurate measurement of one’s toxicity state since the “solution to pollution is dilution!” In other words, the more water outside of the cells means more toxicity is present and the cells are becoming dehydrated despite the fact that enough total body water may be present.

Other nutrition-related tests that can be ordered include blood tests, saliva tests, stool tests, and even hair analysis. If your problem requires more complex diagnostic measures, then you may be given a referral to a specialist who can handle it.

There are also simple home tests that can be done to check thyroid function and candida.

Natural Solutions and Nutritional Counseling

We recommend individualized programs based on a patient’s history, symptoms, and objective findings. The first thing that often needs to be addressed is detoxification through internal cleansing. If you don’t clean the junk out first, then the success rate of taking quality nutrition tends to be very poor. Different cleanses are available depending on one’s toxicity status which can be determined by the toxicity questionnaire (Xenobiotic Tolerance Test) as well as the body composition analysis. Cleanses may include nutritional supplements such as the Apex Energetics Clearvite program, the liver/gallbladder flush, specific diets, the EB Pro® ion foot bath, and infrared sauna sessions. For more information go to the Detoxification page.

In addition to specific dietary recommendations, we offer high-quality nutritional supplements, most of which can only be purchased by qualified health professionals. The primary nutritional supplement companies that we use include Nutri-West, Standard Process, Suncoast Bioresearch Company, Hollywood Health Products, Emerson Ecologics, and Anabolic Laboratories.
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Good nutrition is a basis for overall health and well-being. Live your healthiest life possible – call us today!

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